My Bio

My Bio

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrew McCutcheon and I am a licensed Paramedic, avid hiker, and nature photographer living in Connecticut, but was born and raised in southern California. I started hiking regularly in May of 2023 to help lose weight (lost 50lbs!) and to improve my overall well-being. I started taking photographs and began sharing them on the Facebook group "Hiking in Connecticut" and my Instagram page @TrailblazingUSA. I have always received praise for my photography composition and wanted to open an online store so others can enjoy my experiences. I originally set out to hike the Connecticut blue blazed trails, then started branching outward to other states in New England. I hiked over 400+ miles in Connecticut, along with sections of the Appalachian Trail, Berkshires, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I also enjoy fiction writing, playing my guitar, golfing, and rock climbing.

Thank you for stopping by my store and I would love to hear people's hiking stories in the comments, product reviews, or even contacting me directly at

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